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Sciatica Relief In

Fairlight NSW


Many people affected by sciatica will search for answers to their nagging pain. The longer it is left untreated, the worse it will become; therefore, our chiropractic clinic in Fairlight NSW will provide you with important information for relief and recovery from sciatica.

Symptoms will seem never-ending for sciatica patients. Sciatica is usually in the lower extremities, and the pain can vary from mild to intense. On many occasions, leaving sciatica untreated has resulted in heightened pain.

Sciatica In Fairlight NSW

The lumbar and pelvic regions are most susceptible to the underlying cause of sciatica. The delicateness formation of the spine reaches peak levels in these regions. Our team has been trained to locate the source of the pain and then realign the spine to relieve your sciatica. Patients have claimed daily actions such as tying their shoes result in disruptive pain. Most people will not realize they have sciatica; and therefore, do not understand that the condition has actually become worse over time.


How Long Until My Sciatica Is Treated?

​The severity and how long you have had sciatica are two factors when determining how long it may take to be completely relieved of your pain. Some patients will find immediate relief, and some patients require numerous sessions to find relief. Fortunately, chiropractors can provide relief for sciatica in a shorter period than how long it took to develop sciatica.

If you want pain relief at a low cost then contact our chiropractic team at Prestidge Chiropractic in Fairlight NSW today to schedule an appointment.

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