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Suffering From A Work Injury In
Fairlight NSW?


There is a very popular belief that an injury in the workplace is due to an accident, but in most cases, work injuries stem from overuse. Every year, Australians are spending millions of dollars to try and fix the issue of injuries in the workplace. Your Fairlight NSW chiropractor has put together this information to help you use chiropractic care in your efforts to find relief from your work injury.

Work Injury In Fairlight NSW

In most cases, an injury at work will come from a repetitive process that is causing stress to your body. Even sitting at a desk all day with poor posture can inflict pain that has the possibility to last all your life. For those who are doing manual labor, it is common for a lack of form to result in injuries. It is not usually a large accident or disaster that is causing many work injuries but just the habits and repetitive nature of many people's jobs are responsible for back pain and injury.


Chiropractic Care For Work Injuries

Chiropractic treatment has proven to be gentle and effective when dealing with whiplash or Our team here at Prestidge Chiropractic has a lot of experience in dealing with injuries from the workplace. We have been successful in a number of cases for both overuse concerns and back pain. Our approach stems around an aligned spine and working on the rest of the body from there. An aligned spine is the start of a healthy body and ensures that your nervous system is performing the best it can. This also allows the body to be more efficient in healing.automobile injuries. Also, chiropractic treatment has proven to be more effective than neck braces or physical therapy.

Injuries at work are healed best with a proactive treatment plan. Our team is able to create an effective and personalized plan for you following an accurate diagnosis.

If you are in Fairlight NSW and struggling with a work injury, please call us we are happy to help. Prestidge Chiropractic is known for providing relief for patients dealing with work injuries and we are dedicated to getting you to optimal health.

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